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I commute everyday for about 4 hours. This gives me a load of time to kill. There are various things I keep myself busy with. One of them is watching Video Podcasts. One of the main reasons I like video podcasts is because of the ease of getting new content on my iPod. Basically I just plug my iPod into my PC, and all the new podcasts come down automatically. The next morning i am ready to go. I also have a Pocket PC and PSP which I watch videos on. This involves finding new stuff to watch, converting it to the right format, then copying across. A few more steps than the podcasts.

When I first started out with my iPod, I battled to find any worthwhile video podcasts. So, now that I have have a good variety of podcasts, I am ready to share my bounty with you.

10. Screenrush: Movie Trailers

This is of course a movie trailer podcast. I watch this mostly on Fridays when I am trying to figure out what to go watch at the cinema. I also have all the older trailers saved in case I feel like watching a DVD.

9. Best of Youtube

This podcast does what it says on the tin. It serves up best-of clips from Youtube. There used to be an update everyday, but unfortunately there was a bit of a backlash from Youtube lawyers, and the author of the podcast has to go through a bit more work now before releasing these clips. He has to get express permission from the poster of the clip. So you can expect to get a couple a week now.

8. Strong Bad Email – Homestarrunner

This is a classic. StrongBad is hilarious. It is an animated short, with a character named StrongBad sitting in front of his computer, answering emails…hilariously. There are a load of other characters from the Homestarrunner clan including StrongSad, his brother and the Cheat. Watch one episode, and you will be hooked. I only wish they would have more of his “emails” published to the podcast. I recommend going to the website to check out all his videos.

7. Joe Cartoon

I remember one of the first viral type videos/games I saw was the frog in the blender. This was my first taste of Joe Cartoon. The podcast consists of short cartoons with various repeating characters. My favourite characters are the flies. I am sure that Cheech and Chong were the inspiration for these insects!

The majority of the time, someone or something ends up getting killed in a shockingly funny way. The humour is twisted. I wish I had 1% of the creativity of the guys that do this show. Fantastic. I think this show is done by the same people that do the Happy Tree Friends podcast (this is an extremely popular podcast, but not one that I grew too fond of.)

6. Ask a Ninja

This one is fairly hard to explain. Best thing to do is just add it. You will love it. It is hilarious! The basic premise is the guy gets emails asking him questions, which he proceeds to answer…as a ninja. It is truly a classic.

On a sidenote, I realise that Podcasters need to get income through their advertising (seeing as podcasts are free…for now). I am ok with this, I use advertising on my site to supplement my server costs. However because of the nature of this podcast it feels like the Ninja is selling out by having advertising. It is weird, and hard to explain. It is sort of like having Vin Diesel advertising tampons…Maybe if the Ninja was advertising crossbows instead of ISPs it would fit a bit better. Still, you gotta watch it!

5. Shobiz Newsy News

I had to think hard about putting this up here. Unfortunately the new podcasts aren’t coming frequently anymore. In fact I think the last one was from January 2008.

However, this has got to be one of the funniest podcasts around. It stars Ty Paddington as the animated, non-PC, mostly drunk news anchor for Shobiz Newsy News. It sends up current news items from the celebrity world. It is worth the subscription in the vain hope that there will be more podcasts. Even if there aren’t any new ones, checkout the past episodes. VERY funny stuff. As you can imagine, Britney Spears features heavily.

Come on Ty Paddington, get behind the camera again for your fans!

4. Geekbrief.TV

Ahh, the lovely Cali Lewis. This is the ideal girl/woman for the geek herd! She is into computer games, techie gadgets and pretty much anything else geeky. On top of this she doesn’t look like the back end of a bus…She is super cute, quirky, and best of all she actually knows her stuff.

The podcast is frequently updated (pretty much daily). Cali talks about anything from the geeky side of life. There are product reviews, news and updates and some great exclusive interviews. The podcast is very professionally produced. They are kept short and concise, and are perfect for bite sized chunks of viewing. Some people might get irritated by her perkiness (like she has just drunk 5 Red Bulls and has gotten a Vitamin B injection), I find it endearing.

3. Tiki Bar TV

Dr Tiki, Johnny Johnny and Lala star in this podcast. This is very funny. Each episode concocts a problem that is solved by a cocktail that Dr Tiki “prescribes”. A simple plot, but most of the best plots are! There are loads of guests, some of them celebrities! I would be doing a disservice to guys if I didn’t mention that Lala is a total pinup! Most episodes start and/or finish with Lala dancing…probably the reason for 90% of the male audience! A great podcast, and one I look forward to each week.

2. Totally Rad Show

I have a bit of man love going on for Alex Albrecht. He is the star of this podcast, as well as one half of my No. 1 podcast. The Totally Rad Show is a little bit of everything. It is mostly techy, but even if you aren’t a techno geek, you will still enjoy this show. There are movie and game reviews, tech news, and a WHOLE lot of banter between the three hosts. The video editing is great, with Monty Pythonesque comedy inserts all the time.

It is a weekly almost hour long show. In my opinion, it rivals, if not betters, alot of similar type TV shows on at the moment. If I had to level a criticism at the show, it would be that Alex is a MUCH higher calibre of presenter than the other two, which unfortunately makes their inexperience far more apparent. Check it out, and as soon as you have, move on to number 1 onmy list. Because if you like this, you will LOVE the next one.

1. Diggnation

Finally number 1. Diggnation. I was actually a fairly late adopter of this. I can’t believe I missed it over the years. I must have been searching in the wrong places. Diggnation covers the top stories that appear on As a concept, it sounds mediocre at best. Fortunately the execution of it is awesome.

Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) are the stars of this show (with a honourable mention to the couch). These two sit on a couch, drink beers, and talk shit…oh and also discuss the top stories from They make it seem effortless. I know that Alex is an actor, but still…this isn’t acting. These guys are truly great in front of the camera, and come across as being very genuine. They are complimentary to each other (like peas and carrots…), and bounce off each other. They are accessible, and make you feel like you are sitting in their living room having a beer with them. Their sense of humour is spot on, and oftentimes I find myself laughing out loud at their comments. When Alex starts cracking up about something, you can’t help but to start laughing yourself…it is infectious! Anyway, enough gushing…Check this podcast out, you will love it. If you don’t then I doubt any of the other podcasts on my list would appeal to you either.

So, there you go. Hopefully that will keep you busy with podcasting goodness! I am sure you will find a firm favourite among these.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Podcasts”

  1. Im a bit of a news ho, so I tend to subscribe to a whole lot CNN/ABC News video podcasts. My Ipod Nano loves video!

    You should listen to the BBC documentries audio podcast for some really in depth cultural perspective.

    Nice site Shaun!

  2. Hiya matey. Thanks alot. Just checked yours out…got some good stuff on there. Will have a further perusal soon.

    I used to listen and watch alot of the more serious stuff, but now I like to just switch the brain off, chill and enjoy. Plus the techie stuff is pretty cool.

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