Great Customer Service: LensPen

Too often you read about the bad experiences people have with customer service, yet the good experiences seem to hardly get a mention. I think good customer service should always get a mention…especially when the company go above and beyond your expectations.

I ordered a Lenspen from on the 27th December 2008. It cost me $14.95, and the shipping was free. I knew the product was coming from America, and given that the shipping was free I expected it would take a bit of time. After January this year, I got distracted with work and a few medical issues, so forgot about the order. Then this last Sunday (15th March 2009), I was going through my To-do list, and realised that I still hadn’t recieved my Lenspen. Needless to say I wasn’t happy about this. I sent an email to Lenspen, and also sent a reply to my order-confirmation email. The following day I received an email from Lenspen (Victoria Connors) apologising for the delay, and asked me to confirm my address. I emailed back with my address, and promptly got another email telling me that a package had been sent out by UPS with a few extras included. Well, I received my package this morning and look what was inside!


This is great customer service. I expected merely to get an apology and a refund…and I would probably never have used them again. Instead they went above and beyond, and at the same time retained me as a customer. Thank you Lenspen (and thank you Victoria).

P.S. by the way, the Lenspen rocks! No more smudges on my lenses!

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