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A bit of history about subtafuge.com (or SuBtaFuGe.com as it used to be called…random capitalisation was all the rage back then!). Subtafuge was my “handle” or nick on IRC way back in 1995 (See “About Me” to get a full background into these fun days!). In 2001 I decided to get a domain name, and naturally, I used my IRC Nick. Back then, the site was just for me to mess about with my very own site. It started off as your basic crappy site that everyone was doing. Just a bunch of links that no one was interested in (my favourite movies, my favourite songs, my favourite links etc etc etc…). Oh and to be REALLY cool you had to have scrolling text, animated gifs, and a background midi! (Yes, I had all that… :/ )

I will skip a few generations of my website (various different CMS’s like XOOPS and PHP-Nuke, and of course my own static layouts). The most significant thing I did with my website is to dedicate it to counterstrike. I was heavily into counterstrike for a couple of years, and during that time I played in a clan called SK-187, a really great bunch of guys. I researched loads into Counterstrike, how to improve my game, how to squeeze the last millisecond out of my latency/ping…and transalated this into articles I put up onto my site. At one point I was 3rd ranked in google, if you searched for Counterstrike! I got a lot of traffic (actually I still get some traffic now because of old links to my site regarding Counterstrike.)

Since I quit Counterstrike, over 3 years ago, I slowly but surely lost interest in keeping the site up to date with Counterstrike goodies. I pulled the site completely, and didn’t really do too much with it since then. Also, I had been hacked numerous times and was getting bored with reinstalling my database and CMS all the time.

Which brings me to April, 2008. This is the new subtafuge.com.  My biggest idea for the site is just an outlet for some of my many frustrations. Also, getting a laugh…or maybe even a giggle from one of my viewers might be good! I will gradually be getting more involved with my site, and posting up some great stuff. A lot of free software, great ideas, things you didn’t know…and my insights into some everyday occurences. I know, it sounds pretty vague, but soon you will get an idea of what I will be providing. Hopefully you found my site through google, while looking up something really interesting…or maybe you were looking for porn, and google took you directly to this page just because I wrote porn (oh crap, I wrote it again!).

So, welcome to my site. Hopefully I will enlighten you on a few things, or at the very least get a giggle out of you! Enjoy!

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