Counterstrike in General

Counterstrike : General Help


DON’T be a hero! Follow your team and assist them, because there will be a time when you will need them to back you up. Don’t always go for the stats, remember it is a team game.

When your team calls “Rush Left!”, then rush left! The team that sticks together wins.

Try and cover your team mates. For example, on DE (Bomb planting and defusal) maps, if you are on the terrorist team, stick together with the man with the bomb. When he plants the bomb, cover him while he plants.

When a teammate is taking fire, and inevitably giving some back, cover him when he ducks behind a box or door to reload. For example, a teammate is standing outside a room shooting through the door at an opponent inside the room, strafing back and forth. If there is only one opponent in the room, then the opponent will be very likely to be reloading when your teammate is, which then gives you the opportunity to shoot him while he is unaware.


Learn all the weapons. Find out which ones suit you best. Try and ascertain which one weapon in each category is your preferred weapon, then learn it! ie. Find out which pistol, which SMG (Sub-Machine gun), which rifle you work best with…then practice practice practice.

Try to realise that this game is going for realism, therefore try to understand what recoil is! Newtons law – “For every action there is an equal but opposite re-action”, this means when you shoot, the gun is gonna “kick” which leaves your aim above where you actually want it. So, how do I get around this, you might ask…Burstfire, short bursts of fire, about 3-4 bullets at a time. Your accuracy using burstfire is probably 90% better than just holding the trigger down and spraying off 25 bullets. (Note: Some guns don’t really have that much of a “kick”. The MP5 is one such gun. Even running with this gun allows it to shoot quite accurately. You need to play around with this though, and find out the different weapon characteristics for yourself.)

Learn to change weapons QUICKLY! Nothing is worse than running out of bullets with your AK-47 in the middle of a gunfight. Reloading would take too long when you don’t have a place to duck behind, so rather switch over to your pistol, then once that ammo is finished too, switch to your knife!

One of the best all-round, and easy-to-use weapons to play with is the COLT/M4A1. One of the questions that often get asked is “should I use the Colt with the silencer off or on?”. In my opinion, keep it on, unless you are navigating through a passage or are expecting some close quarters combat. The reason I say this is because if you come around a corner and meet up with some carrying an AK-47 or an un-silenced Colt, and you have a silenced Colt…you are more likely to die quicker. This is because the Colt fires slower, and less powerfully when silenced. (The same goes the USP pistol).

My favourite gun in CounterStrike has turned out to be the AK47. I still do use the Colt quite a bit but I will list a couple points as to the reason.

  1. It (the AK47) is more powerful than the M4 (Colt).
  2. Long distance shots seem (to me) to be more accurate. (Most of the time all it takes is one or two shots at a distance to bring a guy down)
  3. It is way cheaper (although of course if you are CT, you cant actually buy this weapon)
  4. Two shot bursts, aiming at the chest, usually provides a satisfying head shot on the second bullet.
  5. I just prefer it!

Basically it all just comes down to preference. A couple of things: The Desert Eagle pistol is a beast of a gun. Learn how to use it effectively, and you will not go wrong. You can shoot, accurately, while running. Long distance, sniper-like shots, come pretty easily. Also, if you are a T, get rid of your Glock at the first possibility! It is more like a pea-shooter than a gun. (Although alot of what I am writing here might change with the advent of Counterstrike 1.6 update! I will have to make another few updates when I have had a bit of experience with it!).

Here is a short breakdown on the most commonly used weapons:

  • USP
    This is the default CT weapon. Available to CT and T. It is accurate and has a rapid rate of fire. It holds 12 rounds. Secondary fire, silencer.
  • Glock
    This is the default T weapon. Available to CT and T. It is fairly accurate but does about as much damage as stubbing your big toe on a brick. It takes about 7-10 shots to bring someone down. It holds 20 rounds. Secondary fire is burst-fire (a burst of 3 rounds), but only handy at close range because the bullets spread at any sort of distance, and you can only shoot again after about 1 second.
  • Deagle/Desert Eagle
    The most powerful pistol. Available to CT and T. Very accurate, rate of fire is fairly rapid. One shot kills are possible, and two shot kills are common. It holds 7 rounds. No secondary fire.
  • Duel Berrettas
    Only use these pistols if you are having a laugh. Available to T only. Very inaccurate, but good fun. Very expensive. It holds 15 rounds in each pistol (30 rounds altogether). No secondary fire, although a “John Woo” style effect would be nice! 😀
  • MP5
    Submachine gun. Available to CT and T. The most accurate SMG. Probably the best all-rounder weapon in the game. When you are starting out in Counterstrike, stick to this weapon. Holds 30 rounds. No secondary fire.
  • Colt M4A1
    Probably the most commonly used gun in the game. Available to CT only. Quick firing rate. Accurate weapon, when standing still or crouched. Best for medium to long distance fire. Holds 30 rounds. Secondary fire, silencer.
  • AK-47
    My favourite gun. Available to T only. Relatively inexpensive. Quick firing rate. Accurate weapon, when standing still or crouched. Very loud, very powerful (more powerful than the Colt) Best for medium to long distance fire. Holds 30 rounds. No secondary fire.
  • Steyr Aug
    Zoomed rifle. Medium level firing rate. Available to CT only. Very powerful shots. Accurate when standing still or crouched. Best for medium to long distance fire. Holds 30 rounds. Secondary fire, scope (1x level of zoom)
  • SIG 552 Commando
    Zoomed rifle. Medium level firing rate. Available to T only. Very powerful shots. Accurate when standing still or crouched (Not as accurate as the Steyr). Best for medium to long distance fire. Holds 30 rounds. Secondary fire, scope (1x level of zoom)
  • Scout
    The cheaper of the two main sniping rifles. Available to CT and T. One shot headshot kills are achievable, but normally it takes at least two shots to bring a person down. Quick reloading, and accurate even when moving make it a good weapon. Holds 10 rounds. Secondary fire, scope (2x zoom levels)
    Expensive sniper rifle. Usually one shot kills. Available to CT and T. Slow reloading. Only accurate when perfectly still. Holds 10 rounds. Secondary fire, scope (2x zoom levels)

Some tips


There is a time and place for camping (staying in one spot waiting for someone to appear in your sights), but just remember most people DESPISE campers, and do it for long enough and you are sure to be kicked off the server you are on!

Of course there are instances where camping is the winning tactic. For example, you are on the CT team, and have just killed the T who had the bomb. The bomb now lies at your feet. The only way for the T’s to win is by planting the bomb, or killing all the CT. Therefore, the best idea is to find a nice quiet corner, from where you can see the bomb or the area immediately around it, and pitch a tent. Another example is when the time is running down (e.g. below 40 seconds) and you as CT know there is not enough time for the T’s to plant the bomb, and for it to explode. Just find a nice out of the way spot, preferably in a dark corner somewhere and wait the round out.

If you want to know whether it is right or not to camp in a particular instance, just ask yourself, is this going to benefit the team and contribute to a win?


Don’t EVER resort to cheating. You will be caught out! But really, why cheat? It detracts from the fun of the game for yourself and especially for other people. Rather just practice alot and get better…you will get there eventually!


Learn all the main maps! Know them inside out. You need to be able to navigate the maps as quickly as possible. This is the only way you will be able to recognise whereabouts on a map someone is just by hearing them (hearing a door opening, glass breaking, type of running – on dirt, hard surface, the roof etc.). Don’t stick to a favourite the whole time! I am pretty sure there are some people that haven’t tried another map other than De_Dust or De_Dust2!

Here follows a list of common maps (all downloadable from my site, or follow the links at the bottom) that you should try to learn:

  • De_Dust
  • De_Dust2
  • De_Aztec
  • De_Prodigy
  • De_Nuke
  • CS_Italy
  • De_Train
  • De_Inferno

Crouch Jump

You see someone jump up onto that box or barrel, and decide to follow…but for the life of you, you find it impossible to get up. No matter what angle, or how fast you run…you find it impossible! It took me three weeks before someone told me how to actually do this, so I thought I would mention this! The trick to jumping just that little bit higher is as follows. Jump forward as you would normally, and as soon as your feet are off the ground, press DUCK. That is all there is to it.

Walls, Boxes and Doors

You usually learn this the hard way, usually after lots of accusations of cheating from yourself. You can be shot through a box, door and some walls! Only with certain weapons though. You can’t do this with a SMG, but all rifles can, as well as the Desert Eagle pistol.

Learn to Walk before you Run…

When you run in Counterstrike (the default when you press forward), people can hear your footsteps, and can hear from what direction they are coming! When you walk, you become silent and therefore might have the element of surprise on your side.

Further onto this, if possible try get yourself a 3D sound card, and use HEADPHONES!!! (Seinnheiser make some brilliant headphones)

Some Handy Commands

  • Center player id’s
    Centering the ID that comes up when you have your crosshair on someone is rather helpful. It saves you from taking your eye off the center of your screen. To do this, bring up the console (usually ‘~’) then type “hud_centerid 1“.
  • Quick quitting
    Quitting out of Counterstrike can sometimes be quite tedious, especially when you want or need to get out quickly. Solution : bring up the console again (press ‘~’) then type “quit“. Easy.
  • Annoying sound repeating itself
    A good example of this is on cs_office. As a CT, if you run from spawn around to the right, there is a door and switch. Sometimes when the door is opened, the door-opening sound continues annoyingly! Type “stopsound” in the console. Or even better, bind a key to “stopsound” (i.e. “bind x stopsound” -> then when you press “x” ingame, “stopsound” gets executed, and no more annoying repeating sound!)
    This is also a handy command to use when there is noisy ambience sound on a map that you want to get rid of.

Network Commands

You need to get the most out of your network connection to be able to be accurate and good with Counterstrike. Here are a couple of suggestions.

These commands need to be entered in the console, in game. The first thing you will need to do is bring up the netgraph. In the console, type netgraph 3.

cl_updaterate – this command controls the amount of data sent to the server from your machine. Check your netgraph (should be down the bottom right of your screen). Run around the map for a while, and monitor what the lowest your frame rates go to. Then set your cl_updaterate to that figure. i.e. if your frame rate stays on 85fps the whole time, type in the console cl_updaterate 85.

cl_cmdrate – this command controls the amount of data received by your machine from the server. Start off with a setting of 80 (in console type cl_cmdrate 80). Basically just change this setting to various figures until your are happy with the result. Try not go above 101 or below 30.

rate this is an important one. This sets the size of the packets that get sent and received by your machine, controlling the amount of times data is sent back and forth too. i.e. if your rate is low, then your machine is sending data more often, if it is high, then the data is sent less often (but more of it). Basically you have to put in the highest possible rate your connection can handle. (set it to 9999 to start with).

These are the three basic, most important commands that affect your network performance within Halflife/Counterstrike. Each time you change one of these values, watch your choke levels in the netgraph window. If you get more choke when you have increased a value, then decrease it. The ideal is to have NO choke. The loss figure seems to me to be controlled pretty much by factors out of your control! (but loss is not good at all.)

I use the following settings (I am on 512K/256k ADSL in the UK, through the ISP called PIPEX)
cl_updaterate 85
cl_cmdrate 80

rate 12000

If you are on a 56k modem connection, try these settings:
cl_updaterate (try using half your framerates, or just stick it at 30)
cl_cmdrate 30
rate 2500
to 4000

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