Config Tool for CS 1.6

Internet Download rate :
Select Closest Rate

Internet Upload rate :
Select Closest Rate

Preferred style of play :
Select Closest Rate (this will be irrelevant if you have selected modem rate above)

These binds are needed for easy rate changes in-game. So when you are getting choke/loss (or your connection is bad), try a different setting by pressing the bound key! (bind1 will be optimal, bind 3 will be the most "economic"). I have defaulted the binds to my current settings, change it to what you want (ensure you haven't ALREADY bound this key to something else!) Bind 1:
Besides the obvious letter and number keys, the following are special keyboard keys: alt, ctrl, del, downarrow, end, f1-f12 (function keys), home, ins, escape, enter, leftarrow, pause, pgup, pgdn, return, rightarrow, shift, space, tab, uparrow, kp_minus, *, kp_slash, kp_plus, kp_enter, kp_del, kp_ins, kp_5, kp_leftarrow, kp_rightarrow, kp_uparrow, kp_downarrow, kp_home, kp_pgup, kp_pgdn, kp_end
Bind 2:
Bind 3:


SuBtaFuGes Config tool for Counter-Strike 1.6


One thought on “Config Tool for CS 1.6”

  1. hey, thanks for providing this. I was wondering where to add the line exec subby.cfg.

    Do I set it as the name of the file or I just add it inside the file?

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